Who We Are: The Beartooth Paddler Society is a not for profit organzation whose mission is to promote, protect, and celebrate whitewater recreation in Beartooth Mountains and surrounding territory. We are member affiliates of both American Whitewater and the American Canoe Association

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PresidentNate Winning   Vice-President: Burgess Norrgard  Treasurer: Mike Donovan   Secretary: Chris Mullaney

Where We Call Home:  The Beartooth Mountains loom as the tallest and most rugged moutain range in the state of Montana and help to form the 300 square mile Beartooth-Absaroka Wilderness. These snow capped peaks and glaciers form the headwaters for the rivers we call home. They noteably include the Stillwater, East & West Rosebud, Rock Creek, Boulder, Yellowstone, Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone Rivers.