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Dam Proposal on the East Rosebud:

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has granted a preliminary permit to Hydrodynamics Inc. seeking to assess the feasibility of damming the East Rosebud Creek!  Fortunately the Beartooth Paddlers, land owners, and fishers have joined together to fight to preserve the river forming the Friends of the East Rosebud. Together, we are now seeking to designate the East Rosebud a National Wild and Scenic Riverway!

A 501c3 who's mission is to protect the East Rosebud drainage and seeking the National Wild and Senic Riverway  designation. Please visit their website to help!!!  Click the link above to visit their website and sign the petition to protect the East Rosebud River.


by Joel Harris and Daniel Lombardi


Beartooth Paddler's Negotiates Recreational Releases!

In 2004-2006  the Beartooth Paddlers lead by Ron Lodders and Ian McIntosh with the help of American Whitewater worked to create recreational releases on the West Rosebud river during the re-liscensing of the Mystic Lake Hydroelectric Project. In 2006 after two years of recreational flow studies,  negotiation resulted in the West Rosebud recreational release protocol and thus was reborn whitewater paddling on the West Rosebud River!!!!


In July, 2010 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted a preliminary permit to a utility company seeking to build another hydropower dam on West Rosebud Creek!  Such a new dam threatens to virtually de-water the whitewater of West Rosebud that is enjoyed by paddlers and fishers. Thus further action is necessary!!!!!!

Click To View BPS/American Whitewater/Jackson Hole Kayak Club's

Joint Motion for FERC Intervention on the West Rosebud!

Article by American Whitewater


Stillwater Platinum Mine Threaten's The Stillwater River Water Quality

The Stillwater River is one of the Beartooth Mountains most popular recreation watershed for rafters, kayakers, and fishermen. While the Stillwater Mine Company near Nye contributes vastly to employment of a large number of local residents, there is also concern for potential contanimation from the mines holding ponds. While supporting the mine as an economic resource we also would like to raise awareness and acountability for the mine's potential enviromental impact on the Stillwater River.